DSTV packages and prices in Namibia 2022/2023

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DSTV in Namibia has several packages to entertain you in this article we have all the list of DSTV packages in Namibia use this information to compare the packages and their prices and find which one fits you the best based on your budge.

this DSTV packages and prices are the latest data based in 2022. so we will try to update this page as the information are progressively change. incase of any new dstv channels Namibia will be added we will also update This article so make sure to book mark this page and save it for the future use as a reference.

dstv packages in Namibia 2022

Here is the list of DSTV packages in Namibia

  • premium with 125+ channels
  • compact plus 101+ channels
  • Compact 90+ channels
  • Family 55+ channels
  • Access 45+ channels

compare dstv packages and prices in Namibia 2022

So lets compare the dstv packages and their prices in Namibia, to help you figure out the packages which fits you the best.

Dstv packageprice (PM)
premium 839
Compact plus549
Compact 429
Family 309
Access 135

The most expensive package costs Namibia dollar (N$) 839 which its the premium package consist of more than 125+ channels. this costs only covers packages and not installation costs. with this packages there are a lot of entertainment including the latest blockbuster movies, award wining series and showmax streaming services.

The dstv packages in Namibia has no addon packages compare to other dstv packages in other countries like including Malawi. so we hope you have check what packages are available and find your perfect match, for more information you can visit the official dstv Namibia page or visit our dstv page to find out latest information regarding dstv products.

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