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Daem impact gov lb sign up, daem impact gov lb إنشاء حساب, Lebanon Ministry of Social Affairs has launched the registration platform that offers cash assistance to the families that meet the requirements, under specified conditions. the aim is to provide financial support to poor and needy families, that are affected by the pandemic that brought shaking in the Lebanese economy.

Daem impact gov lb sign up

The support network ( Daem impact gov lb sign up)includes two programs, the Aman and FIC, implemented in two phases, the first phase Aman program will be implemented, which covers 150,000 of the poorest families and 87,000 students from beneficiary families enrolled in public schools. The program aims to help a total of 700,000 vulnerable families who are struggling to cope with the lift of subsidies and the rise of prices in the market.

Daem impact gov lb sign up | How to register Daem impact

To take advantage of the support network, the application must be submitted filled by the head of the family, including all members of the family, and submitted electronically follow the guide below:-

  • go to https://daem.impact.gov.lb
  • After visiting the DAEM portal click Create account
  • if you have already created an account just login

It is to note that the application submission does not mean that the family automatically qualifies for assistance, The cash assistance initiatives will only be provided for temporary relief. and to qualified families.

sstep by step How to register daem impact gov lb

Daem impact gov lb website Closing date

Registrations, which just opened on December 1st, will end on January 31st, 2022, after which payment of aid will start on March 1st, 2022 with retroactive effect covering January and February 2022.

Daem impact gov lb required documents

Filling out the application is expected to take 30 minutes where members will be asked to upload some documents using the following information for each family member:

  • ID card
  • Lebanese passport
  • Registration of car
  • Lebanese tax identification number
  • Bank statement for adults in the family

start your application today before its too late, to increase the chance for qualifications for the grant. if you have any question regarding Daem impact gov lb sign up the just comment below and we will get back to you soon.

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