check traffic fines Rwanda

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This article will guide you on how to check traffic fines Rwanda, paying the Traffic fines simply the police portal is mostly used. since you may have be going against Road signs but sometimes can be hard to pay them due to the available long queue. so this article will guide you on How to check traffic fines with number plate in Rwanda. so far there are many methods of checking online Traffic fines in Rwanda read this article very carefully so as you can understand.

check traffic fines Rwanda

Pay your fines so you may stay out of trouble on the road, You can now view all traffic fines related to motor vehicles here at our website we will connect you with various online services to help you check traffic fines Rwanda. read the article below with a clear guide to guide.

check traffic fines Rwanda using Police government portal

Simply the Rwanda national police can help you check for your Traffic fines follow this steps:-

  • go to
  • Enter plate number and TIN number

Example: plate number R0123 and TIN number 12345 then click check Fines. sometimes the government portal may experience a heavy traffic. so Just try multiple times and it will work perfectly.

Traffic fines Rwanda Irembo (Check Traffic fines using Irembo)

Irembo government website is making services simple by simply making it available to every one, who needs it now you can check the Traffic fines using Irembo just follow this steps. you can pay your traffic fines through Irembo. Just dial *909# or visit then choose services and go to check Traffic fine section and choose it enter Plate number and Ticket number then click check.

traffic police Rwanda contact

Help us to communicate using these lines, since their effective and can save life toll free number:-

  • 112: Emergency
  • 113: Traffic accidents
  • 110: Maritime security
  • 111: Fire brigade
  • 3511: Abuse by police officer
  • 997: Anti-corruption

thank you for reading our article on check traffic fines Rwanda using various services if you have any question just comment below or contact the Traffic police in Rwanda using the details we have put above.

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