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calvcb login, California victim compensation Board (calvcb) calvcb online, find the direct links to help you access the portal the state agency found in California provide financial assistance to victims of crime and help them restore their lives. As a victim of violent crime, you have rights! You have access in CA to compensation and other resources through CalVCB. We are a payor of last resort – equity is our mission.

CalVCB login

CalVCB values the support of its community partners in victim advocacy and victim services, and is dedicated to providing the tools and resources they need in order to help victims recover, heal, and thrive.

How to access the CalVCB login

Tings you may require to access the CalVCB login page

  • Active internet connection
  • phone, laptop
  • you must be eligible for victim compensation
  • US citizen leaving in California

To access the calvcb online where you can easily login you have to visit the official website then provide your login details including ID or username and a registered email address. make sure you provided all the correct details since failure to do can lead to unsuccessful login, be sure that the details you fill are yours and don’t give your personal details to any one you don’t trust

can’t reach the page ? may took too long to access the CalVCB login page or respond but don’t worry this is a normal situation and its not always going to happen you can try letter or clear cache on your browser and try to refresh multiple times can work.

Who is eligible for CalVCB

A person must be a victim of a qualifying crime involving physical injury, threat of physical injury or death to qualify for compensation. For certain crimes, emotional injury alone is all that needs to be sustained. Certain family members or other loved ones may also qualify.

  • Victim is a California resident at the time of the crime.
  • or the crime must have occurred in California.
  • Nonresidents victimized in California.
  • Cooperate reasonably with police and court officials to arrest and prosecute the offender (exceptions may apply).
  • Cooperate with CalVCB staff.
  • Not have been involved in events leading to the crime.
  • Committed a crime that could be charged as a felony at the time the qualifying crime occurred.

For more information about CalVCB Victims eligibility visit the link highlighted

calvcb contacts

still having problems with CalVCB login page you can always contact calvcb using their phone number and email Email us at: [email protected] or Call us at:
800-777-9229 Send a letter to:
P.O. Box 3036
Sacramento, CA 95812

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