7 ways to reduce unemployment in Tanzania

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The beautiful country with a lot of natural resources, enough to make the country rich, But yet we are still looking for solutions for unemployment in Tanzania. With a population of approximately 58.01 million according to the World Bank report 2019.

So in this article we are going to explain the basic ways to reduce or even end unemployment in Tanzania. Keep in mind that unemployment is a global crisis facing the world. Since the beginning of the pandemic the condition has even become worse.

Africa is leading in the unemployment rate, including Tanzania. While Republic of Congo being the leaders with approximately 36% of its people have no work. So here are the ways to the solutions for unemployment in Tanzania.

solutions for unemployment in tanzania
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Solutions to Tanzania unemployment problem

  1. Provision of different skills To people

Let’s quote the popular saying that money is not made but obtained through specific skill. you learn for a certain period of time, but the skills am talking about is  practical skills. And not theoretical skill we learn from schools.

Different skills like information technology, use of sewing machines, agricultural skills and many others. This will allow unemployed Tanzanians to employ themselves. and in turn build more entrepreneurs that will also provide  enough jobs to their fellow Tanzanians.

I also urge that the Tanzania government should improve our education curriculum. Especially from primary to advanced level education, since it’s theoretical based. And not practical oriented.

For example we all studied about development of human being from zinjathropus to homosapiens and many other unwanted  stuffs in history and many subjects, so what does this topics help us on improving our life.

2. Tanzania government should improve its infrastructures especially to rural areas

If an area has a good provision of social services like roads, water supply, hospitals people will have good health, and a better place for conducting their businesses.

 The late magufuli who only ruled us for 6 years (2015-2021) had created very good infrastructures so this has helped a lot, since people can conduct their business even at night as roads have lights on their sides.

Also more encouragement was put on policies to enable Tanzania to work had popular saying in Tanzania “hapa kazi tu”

had boost many Tanzanians to work very hard hence increasing the national income.

We should keep in mind that being employed doesn’t mean that you are at a very good position in life. Remember that there are entrepreneurs who are your boss with a very good life with financial freedom

3. Avoid laziness in a country

The term lazy means unwilling to work or use energy, if the country has its citizens who many are busy playing gambling games, alcoholic, busy with social media, Such country will never develop at all.

China has developed because Chinese discourages laziness. And if someone is caught with Drugs like depressants, such heroin, morphine, and many others as this drug make people lazy and unproductive.

The person caught with such drugs can be sentenced to death, as this make importation of such drugs to china very difficult. Hence making their citizens more productive.

4. Enable early retirement

The retirement age for Tanzania citizens is 60 years, so if early retirement is enabled among Tanzanian workers. This will ensure other unemployed workers with skills to be employed. Hence ensuring maximum work productivity.

Also this gives enough time for retiring workers to get their pension early, since most Tanzania workers die even without receiving their pensions living their family in a critical life situation.

5. Improve awareness about the availability of jobs

Most Tanzanians especially students, have little knowledge about varieties of available jobs. Common jobs like engineers, doctors, lawyers and few others are becoming are dreaming jobs to millions of students.

How to start a pharmacy business in tanzania

Hence this brings about a competition in the employment markets. Students should be educated on availability of different jobs there are a lot of interesting jobs like computer science, footballers, plumbing which in turn can make students employ themselves without depending on the Tanzania government.

6. Promote native investors

Most of our projects including building roads, hospitals and many others Tanzania government give this deals to Chinese, Europeans. Hence transfer of technological knowledge involved becomes very hard. workers employed to run the projects are external investors, we benefit very little from them.

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7. Fight discrimination and corruption

employers do not provide any jobs unless given something of value; Tanzania workplaces have been flooded with favoritism which is another form of corruption.

So solutions to unemployment in Tanzania discrimination and corruptions should be banished, with strong rules and principles.

Effects of unemployment problem to Tanzanians

effects of unemployemnt

Unemployment has caused a lot of negative impact to the country including,

Increase in drug trafficking, prostitutions, which in turn leads to the increase of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS. And many others, thank you for taking your time to read our blog post.

If you enjoyed and learn something new please, leave us a thank giving comments and we will reply to you very shortly also share this article to friends. So that the message can reach the government as well, and help combat unemployment problem in Tanzania.

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