5 New Harambee interview questions and answers pdf 2021

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Harambee interview questions and answers pdf

Harambee is a non-profit organization, located in south Africa. committed to help finding solutions to unemployment youth, by partnering with various companies.

So in this article we have a list of most common Harambee interview questions and answers 2021. Without wasting your time I know you have been selected after applying for the Sa youth applications  it can be department of basic education (DBE) or any type of applications.

Harambee interview questions and answers pdf

5. most common Harambee interview questions and answers pdf and answers

While some of the questions can be the similar to many other questions found on the web. So this is your great weapon and its an alert that nothing can be new here.

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As an interviewee you must appear smart and with great confidence but don’t over do it since it can spoil you  quality.

1.Tell me a little about yourself

When the interviewer ask you this question. Don’t panic and don’t rush to answer this question I know its simple you should respond in calmly and polite way.

to talk about your relevant skills the places you study whether its high school and university since the interviewer wants to know if you best fit for the job posts your looking for so try to talk about all the information you think can be important to you.


I’m a third-year master’s student studying basic education and a research fellow at the university of Durban. I have previous teaching experience in various schools,  I’m so excited to learn more about your company and the chance to contribute to your school.

2. Tell Me About the Time You Failed

Just be real don’t try to fake or pretend Harambee interview questions and answers pdf aren’t hard as you asked correctly. The first question it gives you a boost for attempting other question.

Talk about real failure, not the A you got in to math, the failure doesn’t need to be huge. It just needs to involve a mistake that you can reflect on thoughtfully, interviewers just want to know how you can handle setbacks.

You can try to talk about how you were rejected from a certain high school and  how did you achieve it.

Talk about your failure and the lesson you learned from  certain setbacks.

3. Why do you want this job?

Now here is the great question to earn some points. During the Harambee interview questions and answers.  Here the interviewer wants to know you if you truly want the job and you perfect fit it, so talk about both short-term and long-term goals you want to accomplish when working for the company.

4. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years of working with us ?

Going blank during the harambee interview ? this Harambee interview questions and answers are very simple don’t panic here interviewers usually care more about your ability to make an impact at their company than anything else so Talk about how will make their company shine in next year to come.

May be you are applying for the department of basic education now talk about how will you improve students performance in next 5 years.

5. Out of all the candidates, why should we hire you?

I think being hired its not about lucky, its all about having a passion for doing a great work. And its not visible tell the interviewer your ability to tackle the most challenging issue in their company and with a valid proof.

 And of course if you’re asked this question, use it as a chance to highlight things you haven’t been able to touch on.

So this were the most commonly Harambee interview questions and answers there are hundreds of questions on the web. But we believe that explaining about your ability to do great work is the key for being hired.

though the Harambee interview questions and answers pdf article aren’t really in the pdf format but you can save this question for later use your allowed to do it.

Since the interviewer needs their company to do well in the market right ? now show him how you can do it with confidence.

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